Special offers

  • Food delivery to your home 
  • Organization of small celebrations 
  • Celebrations for the company 
  • Presentations 
  • Business lunches 
  • Wi-Fi hotspot 
  • Projector with screen

Working hours

  • Weekdays: 08-23h
  • Saturday: 12-22h
  • Sunday: 12-20h


               Nišava restaurant, located in the peaceful Dedinje, is dedicated to the tradition of the neighborly restaurant with an emphasis on the national cuisine. Founded way back in 1933., as a meeting place for people associated with the White Palace in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. With its 50-odd seats in the main hall and 20 seats on the floor, relaxing and peaceful garden in the front, it offers a selection of local specialties, as well as a daily choice of home cooked meals and desserts.

            The restaurant does catering to your home address, organizes small family gatherings and celebrations for companies (50 people). The restaurant is open on Sundays, has a WI-FI hot spot, and a fireplace in the winter months.

           It is located near the Royal Palace, Embassy of Sweden, Germany, Portugal, the United States, Denmark, Ukraine, South Korea, China, and the hospital Dr. Dragiša Mišović, OB Banjica, Military hospital, Republic Foundation of Health, and TV Pink.